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Oscar Mulero

Madrid-based DJ and producer Oscar Mulero has been at the helm of Europe’s electronic music scene since the late ‘80s, garnering attention for his music’s use of hypnotic abstraction, pulsating effects, and intense psychedelic sweeps. Mulero launched his career at the underground club New World, where he was a resident through the early ‘90s. After being asked to collaborate on the club’s 1993 compilation, Nuclear Zone, Mulero began making his own music in earnest. He released his first singles and EPs on various European labels and played for myriad festivals on the international stage throughout the mid- and late-’90s.

2002 was the year that most defined Mulero’s career: He instituted his dark techno label PoleGroup as a platform to showcase his own material. The artist released nine EPs in 2002 alone and nine additional EPs in the following three years. Mulero reinvigorated his imprint in 2012 by collaborating with techno superstars Regis, Lucy, Xhin, Perc and Peter van Hoesen to host showcases all over Europe. The majority of the label’s output followed, yielding more than 50 releases in its ensuing four years. Mulero’s own discography is now extensive; after 25 years in the DJ booth and nearly 20 in the studio, he has released countless singles and EPs on labels that include Audio Assault, Chaval Records, Children of Tomorrow, Detroit Underground, Falling Ethics, Granulart Recordings, MindTrip Music, Modularz, Mord, Newrhythmic, Semantica Records, Senoid Recordings, Token and Tresor. He has also completed four full-length albums, Grey Fades To Green, Black Propaganda, Biosfera and Muscle and Mind.