Arthur Cayzer (a.k.a. Pariah) has been at the helm of England’s experimental UK Bass scene since 2010. Though he’s only released four EPs over the scope of his eight-year career—three on the legendary label R&S and one on the British imprint Works The Long Nights—he has made a profound impact on contemporary bass. His 2-step-tinged rhythms, labyrinthine and warped melodic structures and immersive sonic soundscapes are highly evocative and place a firm focus on emotion and expression.

Cayzer is also known for his participation in the techno outfit Karenn with Blawan. His focus on the project has turned his hand more towards visceral, stomping techno in the last few years, though he claims that his 2012 remixes for Lucy on Curle Recordings represented a sonic link between the two phases of his creative development. The duo plays on an unruly assemblage of machines, and their music has very outward ties to Britain’s noise and industrial-indebted past.