Rampue makes big sounds that feel warm and personal. Based in Berlin, his early work leaned heavily on electro explorations, while his later partnership with Hamburg’s prolific Audiolith Records gifted fans with tracks that slide between the progressive stylings of the modern classic “Sonne Park Und Sterni” and the emotional house of “Zwitscherzwitscher”. His discography has leaned consistently on tracks that evoke curious feelings from the melancholy to the bright and uplifting.

Rampue’s recent productions have been more toned down; he releases the occasional single or remix, focusing his dreamy style instead towards a carefully conditioned live set that’s turned heads across multiple continents. His sets have popped up everywhere from Burning Man’s desert dancefloor to tucked away rooms in Asia, allowing him spots on many of the world’s most intriguing parties and showcases. Slow and trippy techno sounds are the tools of a Rampue live performance, creating memorable journeys that win over even the darkest of hearts.