Audio-visual exhibition ‘Liquorice’ at Schau Fenster Berlin

Audio-visual exhibition ‘Liquorice’ at Schau Fenster Berlin

Liquorice’ is an upcoming exhibition at Berlin-based gallery Schau Fenster, where music and art come together. On Friday, January 14th, the exhibition opens in Kreuzberg, and features the work of artist Sonja Jovanovic-Greiner and music by Martin Stimming.

The 13 paintings, which were created for this show by Sonja JG, express the artist’s feelings of when she first heard the music album ‘Liquorice’ from Martin Stimming in the middle of January 2010. Through these paintings and the 13 tracks the main emotion of their works – pain – will be discussed and shown in different facets and states.

The two artists will present an audio-visual artwork that will let viewers experience the symbiosis of art and music. The album ‘Liquorice’ is to be released Feb 2011 on Diynamic Music.

Galerie Schau Fenster

Lobeckstr. 30-35?

10969 Berlin?