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Bibio minds his Bokeh for Warp

Bibio minds his Bokeh for Warp

One of the finest purveyors of ambient-IDM-pop, Bibio will be heading out hibernation to put out a new LP entitled Mind Bokeh. His third album with his new label Warp and sixth in total, it was only in 2009 that he released his magnificently praised The Apple and The Tooth. Now, Mind Bokeh will take the young Englishman into a similar direction but with a heavier emphasis on sampling and beats. Like his idol, Boards Of Canada, Bibio hones in on that nostalgic dreamy style of electronica that always manages to excite us.

Bibio let us know what he meant by the title Mind Bokeh: "Bokeh is the out of focus region of a photograph. It’s not a quantifiable thing, but photographers and lens manufacturers are obsessed with it. In Japanese it means “haze”, “blur”, or even “dementia”. I called the album Mind Bokeh because I’m interested in the effect of defocussing your mind, whether through meditation, chemicals or whatever – it’s a state of mind quite alien to Westerners.”

Here is a sampler of the album:

‘Mind Bokeh’ will be out March 28th in the US and April 4th in Europe and the Rest of the World on Warp.


1. Excuses
2. Pretentious
3. Anything New
4. Wake Up!
5. Light Seep
6. Take Off Your Shirt
7. Artists’ Valley
8. K is for Kelson
9. Mind Bokeh
10. More Excuses
11. Feminine Eye
12. Saint Christopher