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Black Strobe finds Religion on new LP & kickstarts label

Published on February 28, 2011 11:32 Berlin Time
Black Strobe finds Religion on new LP & kickstarts label

Black Strobe mastermind Arnaud Rebotini looks to be bringing us a complete Black Strobe overhaul in 2011. Not only will he be launching his own special imprint called Blackstrobe Records but he will also be releasing a flurry of his own records on the label.

Now, the extroverted Frenchman will be putting out a new solo album entitled Someone Gave Me Religion as well as a re-release + remix package of Italian Fireflies, a new Black Strobe EP and a Best Of Black Strobe album.

Via his Facebook, Rebotini has also just announced his distribution setup with !K7, statin: “We are proud to announce the 1st EP of the new Arnaud Rebotini’s album the 11 of April :” Personal Dictator” with The Hacker, Mixhell and Motor s remixs…. From the forthcoming album ‘Someone Gave Me Religion”

Black Strobe’s music making days heads all the way back to 1997, that’s almost 15 years ago. Since then he has remixed everyone from Depeche Mode, Röyksopp to Playgroup. In 2007 he released his one and only LP Burn Your Own Church.