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Boxcutter’s hosting new album

Boxcutter’s hosting new album Barry Lynn is one of Planet Mu‘s most devoted musical offsprings. His first record on the effervescent staple appeared six years ago and over that time – and with four PM albums under his belt, Lynn’s sonic stamp has evolved from brooding IDM-inflected to 2-step driven rhythms to kosmische experiments and synth-laden, new agey territories so favoured by the new Northern American wave of musicians.

The shift towards more esoteric sounds was already audible on his last Boxcutter LP The Dissolve and this has been even more pronounced on his debut album as The Host. Recorded on – what else – vintage synths, drum machines, with guitar and bass thrown in for good measure and coated with an ample amounts of reverb, The Host is a melancholic, glistening trip to the outer sonisphere with strategically placed 808 sounds as a subtle reference to Lynn’s other alter ego.

The Host’s eponymous album is out on 20 March on Planet Mu.

Preview the four tracks off The Host below:

Published March 09, 2012.