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Brand & Music conference with Ralf Lülsdorf

Published on May 19, 2011 15:21 Berlin Time

Brand & Music conference with Ralf Lülsdorf The Hungarian Electronic Beats team recently participated in the Brand & Music Conference, organized by the Hungarian communication periodical, Kreatív Magazine. One of the star guests of the event was the Deutsche Telekom’s music sponsoring director Ralf Lülsdorf, who started the Electronic Beats international music and lifestyle programme over ten years ago.

He was followed by several other presentations including one from net-philosopher and musician Alexander Bard who gave an entertaining lecture about the connection between the Internet and the corporate identity building of brands. Two roundtable conversations were also organised about Hungarian advertising music and the challenges faced by the music press in Hungary.

The Brand & Music festival program examinaed the connections between music and brands from almost every point of view, with experts from the fields of technology, advertising, concert and festival production, publishing, design management, creatives, producers, musicians, editors and journalists.

The after-party of Brand & Music conference was also the official launch of the Electronic Beats programme in Hungary.