Bryan Lewis Saunders self-portraits

Bryan Lewis Saunders self-portraits

Everybody knows how it feels like to be in love, everybody probably has experienced some sort of extreme pain and anxiety. A healing way to get it out of your system and deal with those feelings is painting! Visual artist Bryan Lewis Saunders portrays himself in these special states of mind and he has been doing so since 1995.

On his website you can find an exciting selection of the best works out of over 7,900 self-portraits subdivided into love, pain, drugs, anxiety, nature and the yellow period. Saunders states: “Like fingerprints, snowflakes and DNA they are all different, no two are the same. For hundreds of years, artists have been putting themselves into representations of the world around them. I am doing the exact opposite. I put the world around me into representations of myself as I find this more true to my Central Nervous System.“

Check out some of his portraits:

Self-Portraits from the Yellow Period and the Drugs Portfolio.

Self-Portraits from the Pain- and the Love Portfolio.

We are amazed by the abundance of great works and recommend taking a look at Saunders’s collective portfolio.