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Cadik releases ‘Just’, stream exclusive new track!

Cadik releases 'Just', stream exclusive new track! Budapest based DJ and producer Cadik is someone who deserves more attention. Standing behind the turntables he’s been injecting progressive electronics into the local scene since the mid 90’s. As a producer he released his debut solo LP Basic back in 2008 followed by Travel Agency in 2010 and a now he has a new album called Just arriving on 30th December 2011. Just will be released at the next installment of Cadik’s underground clubnight-series Space Is Called. Together with headliner Dorian Concept he will celebrate the release of Just and an early new year with future music, hip-hop, dubstep and postwhatever electronica.

Listen below to the new EB exclusive track, ‘Coffeeman’ below and you can also hear three tracks from the new album if you click on Cadik’s Youtube-channel.

Cadik – Coffeeman by cadik

01. Just Drums
02. My Jogging
03. Coffeeman
04. Last Vinylist
05. Head-Body-Head
06. Sleepover
07. Foot Massage Twinpack
08. New Balance
09. Kind Of Light
10. Blue Mama

Bonus tracks:
11. Kick, Snare, Soul (S10)
12. Skysurfing (Chi)

Published December 28, 2011. Words by Andras G. Varga.