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CANT preps debut with Twin Shadow

Published on June 20, 2011 12:13 Berlin Time
CANT preps debut with Twin Shadow

We haven’t heard much from CANT since his haunting late ’09 track ‘Ghosts’, but that’s all about to change. The solo project of Grizzly Bear bassplayer Chris Taylor will soon have a full album to his name, titled Dreams Come True. With ten tracks and collaborations with Twin Shadow‘s George Lewis Jr., we think this is going to be perfect for fall. Lucky then that it drops September 13th on Taylor’s label Terrible Records in the US and on Warp for the rest of the world. Check out the tracklist below, and listen to ‘Ghosts’ as well if you haven’t already.

01 Too Late, Too Far

02 Believe

03 The Edge


05 (brokencollar)

06 She’s Found a Way Out

07 Answer

08 Dreams Come True

09 Rises Silent

10 Bericht