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Chromatics return with new album and video

Chromatics return with new album and video


It’s been ages since we’ve heard much of anything from Chromatics. After releasing their stunning 2007 debut Night Drive, they’ve just sort of…been chillin’. We’d heard all kinds of interesting rumors behind the silence: producer Johnny Jewel left to focus on Desire. No wait, he replaced frontwoman Ruth with Desire vocalist Megan Louise. Well I heard the original members from their first incarnation returned and beat up the new band and ate their hearts to gain power. Seems kind of fucked up if true but it’s a funny ol’ world.

None of that is true, of course. In fact, they’ve been hard at work recording their new album Kill For Love, due out in January, Not only that, but the band will periodically be releasing videos and singles from the LP. The title single ‘Kill for Love’ is available now on itunes, and has been released as a prismatic video that sparkles with discofied deliciousness. Check it out below, along with the streaming single and the full album tracklist.

Into The Black
Kill For Love
Back From The Grave
These Streets Will Never Look The Same
At Your Door
Running From The Sun
Dust To Dust
Birds Of Paradise
The River

Published October 25, 2011.