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Circle of Animals

Circle of Animals

Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is an impressive public installation created by contemporary Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. Each one of these gigantic heads weights around 800 pounds and each of them measure 4ft high by 3ft wide.

The controversial artist, who is known for his criticism towards the Chinese regime as well as an array of unusual concept art, reinterpreted the twelve bronze animals that represent the traditional Chinese Zodiac signs – it is his first major public sculpture project and will be for display at the Pulitzer Fountain in New York.

In a recent statement, Ai WeiWei said:

"My work is always dealing with real or fake, authenticity and value and how value relates to current political and social understandings and misunderstandings. However, because Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is composed of animal heads, it’s a work that everyone can understand, including children and people who are not in the art world. I think it’s more important to show your work to the public. That’s what I really care about."

The heads will be on display there from May through July 2011, with additional international and domestic dates to follow.

Published March 16, 2011.