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Clark is Iradelphic

Published on January 20, 2012 14:24 Berlin Time

Clark is Iradelphic Chris Clark aka Clark will release his next album Iradelphic via Warp in April. Clark, who was still in his teens when he signed to Warp, operates at the bleeding edge of glitchified electronics, crafting his music out of tiny fragments of sound and inecting the results with a human, soulful sweep. If machines could cry, they would sound like Clark. His last album Totems Flare was a big EB favourite and so we are very excited about Iradelphic based on the free track ‘Com Touch’ which you can check out here.

Clark had this to say about the album which was recorded in Australia, Berlin, Wales (where he was joined by Bibio), Brussels, Cornwall, Norway and London;

“I’ve been hunting down that elusive paradox. To create something that didn’t sound like what I’ve done before but was also unmistakably me. It’s quite a maddening task.”

Warp will release Iradelphic on April 2nd 2012.


1 – Henderson Wrench
2 – Com Touch
3 – Tooth Moves
4 – Skyward Bruise / Descent
5 – Open
6 – Secret
7 – Ghosted
8 – Black Stone
9 – The Pining pt. 1
10 – The Pining pt. 2
11 – The Pining pt. 3
12 – Broken Kite Footage