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CREEP video featuring Holly Miranda leaks

CREEP video featuring Holly Miranda leaks There’s a new CREEP video in the main…and it’s TOTALLY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! We’re not sure how, but the video for the NYC-based duo’s track ‘Animal’ is popping up all over tumblr. Watch as Holly Miranda gets a bunch of projected slime and nature dumped on her while weaving a beautiful spell over skittering beats and cello strings. The secret of the ooze is…it’s really cool. No word from the CREEP camp on it at all, which means this is super-secret stuff, no parents or squares allowed! Unauthorized! Restricted! etc. So watch it fast before it gets yanked.

UPDATE: CREEP just announced via Twitter that this is not the official new music video. “That is the video we use for our live show. Official video coming in October :)”

Published September 14, 2011.