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Crystal Castles release HEALTH remix

Crystal Castles release HEALTH remix Crystal Castles are one of those bands who we’ve always had a hot/cold relationship with, but when you combine their sinister rave electronics with the evilness of HEALTH, it’s always a no-lose situation. The LA experimental thrash band have long been one of our favorites, with their incredible live shows and ever-evolving albums, and of course their relationship with CC has existed since seemingly forever (is their a single indielectro party that DOESN’T play the ‘Crimewave’ remix at least once a night?) so it’s no surprise to see them remixing the Toronto duo’s latest single ‘Suffocation’. The bouncy melancholia of the original is sliced down into a midnight disco haunter with mechanized, ethereal vocals that would feel right at home in a John Carpenter flick. Stream the remix and the original below.

Published February 23, 2012.