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#DaChip2 – Daft Punk got chiptuned again

#DaChip2 - Daft Punk got chiptuned again Just reading the line “new Daft Punk” means an instant click, even if it turns out not being an official release by the masked music aliens Thomas Bangaltar and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Following their score & soundtrack for Joseph Kosinski‘s Tron: Legacy movie, their Soma-release and the collaboration with Ariel Pink, the latest news on the French house, pop, and electronica legends was Daft Punk working with Nile Rodgers. But here’s a fresh news item taken from the ‘unofficial section’: French artists Je deviens dj en 3 jours and Zombectro, both part of 8bitcollective, just released the second installment of Da Chip, Daft Punk tunes played in 8bit.

Produced by various artists such as Knife City, Sulumi, Aonami, and the two themselves, Da Chip re-imagines original Daft Punk pieces for the second time, making the originals sound like soundtracks from arcade games – or as the project website states: “Daft Punk revisited on vintage game systems.

Both mixes are available for stream embedded below, head over to the ‘Da Chip’-website to download both as .mp3.

The author on Twitter:

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Published February 22, 2012.