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David Lynch to open real life Club Silenco

Published on June 15, 2011 17:15 Berlin Time
David Lynch to open real life Club Silenco

Generally classified as perhaps David Lynch’s finest moment, Mullholland Drive is one of the defining films of the 90’s. The oblique masterpiece is purposefully hard to interpret and if you fail to grasp the plot, the meaning or get your head around the sudden about turn that comes half way through the film, you can still enjoy it as a series of stunning set pieces. One of these is scenes takes place at the ‘Club Silenco’, a sleazy cabaret with a sinister atmosphere and illusionary performances that somehow have a bearing on the characters. (If you have not seen the film, we are afraid that this is not the place for us to try and explain)

Now the director is opening a real life counterpart underneath the Social Club in Paris on the Rue Montmartre The real ‘Club Silenco’ will feature a bar, library, cinema and concert hall. Apparently Lynch has had a hand in designing all aspects of the club from the deco to the ceiling. Speaking to the New York Times he explained how “I enjoy how architecture and design create mood.”

We’re booking tickets to Paris right about…. now