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Deadbeat starts new label with a new album

Deadbeat starts new label with a new album

Berlin Based Canadian (there’s more than you would think) Deadbeat aka Scott Monteith is to release a new album, on his own newly inaugurated label BLKRTZ.

Called Drawn & Quartered the album draws heavily on his love of dub influenced sounds and the desision to launch his own imprint was inspired by the demise of cult Berlin label ~scape – a place where Monteith felt he always had a natural home.

“When I received the news a few months ago that ~scape was officially closing its doors, I was incredibly sad to hear it. Though I hadn’t worked with them in a few years, I always saw ~scape as the natural home for a very important part of my work. Not necessarily the more listening side of things per se, but certainly the most unconcerned with genre or function, from a creative stand point the most free I guess….. it’s my hope that BLKRTZ can serve a similarly honorable purpose in the years to come.”

Monteith will also be presenting a unique multimedia performance with long-time friend and world renowned video artist, Lillevan.

Drawn and Quartered, will be released on BLKRTZ on June 20th 2011

Published March 30, 2011.