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Deichkind are 'Illegal Fans'

Published on December 21, 2011 15:00 Berlin Time

Deichkind are 'Illegal Fans' They’re back! Germany’s kinda hip-hop / rave / dAdA outfit Deichkind have just released their new single ‘Illegale Fans’ which is taken from the upcoming album Befehl von ganz unten, which will be out on February 10th 2012.

While the video clip is a collage of YouTube culled CCTV footage with some of the images being edited afterwards with the Deichkind-typical DJ Phono-designed pyramid helmets (and showing Ferris MC‘s kinda-golden teeth), the song is a hymn on illegal downloading and consumption in general. Watch the music video below, go like their Facebook page for a free mp3 download and watch the teaser videos for their upcoming tour in Spring 2012.

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