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Deptford Goth shows off his Youth

Published on August 22, 2011 14:32 Berlin Time

Deptford Goth shows off his Youth The unassuming South-London area of Deptford is not the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about the contemporary music scene. Yet it proved charming enough for the musician Daniel Woolhouse to use it in the name of his new project – albeit only after he sexed it up with the sufficiently opaque Goth moniker.

Brought to life in 2010, Deptford Goth draws from Woolhouse’s traditional songwriting background whilst utilizing what the world of electronics has to offer these days. As a result, he’s carved out a distinctively UK sound that touches upon modern R&B of the likes of Holy Other, soul, dubstep and synthpop slightly in the vein of fellow “croonsteppers” like James Blake and Jamie Woon with a customary dose of haunting etherealness.

Deptford Goth’s debut release Youth II will be hitting the stores in October 17 released via Merok records, the label that brought the likes of Salem, Gatekeeper and Teengirl Fantasy to prominence.

DEPTFORD GOTH – NO MAN by Merok Records

Download the track here.