Desire Records re-issues two early 4AD bands

Desire Records re-issues two early 4AD bands Say the words ‘4AD rarity’ to us and we melt. The genre-defining label also defined our teenage years (in the ’90s…we’re not THAT old!) and introduced us to a world of sounds we’d never imagined, from the ethereal-doom rituals of Dead Can Dance to the spiky punk trashiness of The Birthday Party. Now, two of their lesser-knowns are getting the re-issue treatment – on vinyl, no less, and for the first time in 30 years. Desire Records, purveyors of more modern darkness like //TENSE// and Soft Metals, are re-issuing In Camera‘s IV+II and Mass‘ Labour Of Love, both from 1980. Limited to 500 editions each, these are wonderful slices of post-punk history. Pre-order them here.

Mass – Cross Purposes

In Camera – Die Laughing