Telekom Electronic Beats

Drei Tage Wacht (Gdansk, day three)

Drei Tage Wacht (Gda?sk, day three) 1:12pm Martin wakes me up. He, Max, and Luci are leaving for Centrum Stocznia Gdanska now. I shower, dress myself and pack my Mac and other tech gear. On my way to the venue along the industrial area near Wa?owa I see a man in his forties in a blue jumpsuit, carrying a plastic bag and Thermos flask. He’s being followed by a black cat throughout his walk along the road – I guess this was the first time ever seeing someone taking a cat for a walk (without using a leash).

3:46pm Get in at CSG. While the sun is shining outside, everybody inside the venue is busy finalizing the place for the following EB festival night. While I set up an improvised office on the outside lawn, Max and Martin are chatting with the guys from Jazzanova. My AiAiAi headphones seam to appeal to Jazzanova’s Daniel W. Best; turns out he just got his hands on the studio version.

5:51pm Only two more hours until the show. Word is being passed around that Lufthansa lost Dillon‘s luggage and instruments during the flight, which means changes for the timetable and extra-stress for everybody involved. I get in touch with the technicians about the live stream; for now everything seems to be running smoothly. A quick dinner at 7:21pm while writing emails at the same time – not very nutritious, I guess.

7:42pm Twitter wall? Check! Facebook photo booth? Check! Production WiFi? Check! Electronic Beats Festival Gdansk 2012, here we go!

9:41pm I’m in a constant rush: from the production office with the live stream moderation to the stage taking pictures, from the bar area to the outside of the venue and back again. Time’s flying, stress levels are rising.

11:05pm Squarepusher is on now. Together with Dillon and Tamer I’m watching parts of the show from the center of the room, but although I dig his new album Ufabulum and the corresponding live show very much, I can’t stay and enjoy this for long. Again I go backstage, always rushing.

2:19am Two minutes of Dillon for me. Am I serious? Yes I am – I’d prefer to be here with friends like all the other people around me, not working, just listening to nice music.

3:15am Finally a moment of calm. I get to watch twenty minutes of James Blake‘s live show. He still has a strong musical stage presence, although he just sits behind his keyboards.

5:32am I grab a nightcap with Tamer and Dillon at their backstage. What a night; so many impressions. I get a taxi with Martin, arrive at the apartment. We take care of Max’s festival review and the leftovers of the backstage while listening to old school hip-hop, The The and Morrissey, dubstep and electronica records. At 9am-ish I fall asleep.

11:16am I wake up all dizzy. We need to clean up the apartment, pack our bags and rush to the train station. TLK56100 brings us in 4 1/2 hours to Poznan where we meet Jakub, one of our Polish colleagues. He leads us to a small restaurant: shawarma during the layover to EC 40 Berlin-Warszawa-Express.

8:31pm Boarding of BWE. We take a seat inside the diner, order soup, cake and beer. Max teaches me the Italian card game Scopa, something that will come handy during the office hours in Berlin, since everybody is playing it during lunch breaks.

00:15am I unlock my frontdoor and think of Channel X. “I love the couch, baby / you’re always there when I need you / to pass on out / so relaxed.”

00:45:33am Last time to fall asleep in travel mode. Day 3. What’s next? Oh, right: office is next!

Published May 02, 2012.