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Drei Tage Wacht (Gdansk, day two)

Drei Tage Wacht (Gda?sk, day two) 8:57 am I wake up wrinkled. Time for an espresso and a small breakfast.

11:23 am After a couple of home office hours, I make my way through town. First stop: Cukiernia i Piekarnia Pellowski (a bakery), followed by a stroll around the Mot?awa river. At Targ Rybny I stop by for a Caffè Freddo – it’s gentle 26°C in Gda?sk, perfect weather for sunglasses, shorts and iced coffee. Passing the monument of the Defense of the Polish Post Office, I see a drunk couple fighting over a baby buggy filled with vodka bottles.

12:31 pm On arrival at CSG, the crew is already busy setting up all the stage elements, technical equipment, and lights. Centrum Stocznia Gda?ska manager Bartosz Bernecki tells me a little bit of history about the place: while being used as a submarine shipyard by the Nazis in 1942, it later became a magazine house and the starting point for Solidarno?? in the 1980s, since Gda?sk’s shipyard workers had been printing their flyers at this place.

15:46 pm At Gda?sk G?ówny, Max Dax, Luci Lux, and Martin Hossbach finally arrive. After a short welcome we drive towards the apartment, where rooms are split up, Macs are powered up, and cigarettes are smoked.

19:57 pm Dinner at Brovarnia Gda?sk: herrings, beer goulash, pork roast, and duck are on the menu. And a beer.

22:02 pm Meetup with our Polish colleagues at Bar Kleopatra. I am being introduced to w?ciek?y pies (a shot of vodka, tabasco, and raspberry density juice, translating to furious dog), a very tasty drink.

00:13 am Jarek, Max, Martin, and I make our way to the Fabryka Karabinów, a former rifle factory. This new club space is opening this very night, which is why the venue is packed with people. The DJs are playing house and electronica music, and the location itself has a great industrial look and feel.

4:23 am Taxi to the apartment. Obviously someone was having a late night snack earlier and then forgot to remove the pot from the gas range. Right now it just smells like burned noodles. When I open up the kitchen window, I hear church bells ringing. Day 2. What’s next?

Published April 29, 2012.