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DSTM AW12: Behind the scenes

Published on January 25, 2012 15:04 Berlin Time

Of all the things I saw during Berlin fashion week, DSTM was the only one that made me want to actually spend money.

The Berlin-based fashion label, helmed by Kyle Callanan and Jen Gilpin, already accounts for a good chunk of my wardrobe, but their latest collection left me drooling. Black dominates, naturally, but it’s the flirtation with color that really makes their AW12 collection pop. Their new line of leather harnesses were immediately added to my must-have list as well. This is what they had to say about their inspiration:

“Originating on a small island in Indonesia, the Mentawai tribe practices a tradition of sacred tattooing.  According to the tribe’s lore, the lines on men’s and women’s skin beautify the body, thus ensuring immortality because the soul will flee a bland body.  In this homage to this belief, DSTM creates shapes, patterns and modern lines inspired by the Mentawai’s signature tattoos.”

DSTM’s website: Don’t Shoot The Messengers Shop

For a unique taste of the show, check out our gallery of backstage photos by Maxime Ballesteros, and stream Capablanca‘s DSTM rework of Glasser‘s beautiful ‘Apply’ below.