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DVA to play SXSW

DVA to play SXSW DVA (“Two”) is a peculiar phenomenon on the Czech music scene. Based in the provincial city Pardubice away from the music industry hobnobing of Prague (if there is such a thing), the unassuming duo has created waves both in the local music scene and abroad. With several albums proper under their belt – most notably the LP Fonók which they dubbed „the folklore of nonexistent nations“ and Hu (2010) “pop from nonexistent radios”.

Their lyrics are a linguistic hodgepodge, the music is similarly remarkable – a sonic collage of “pop, kitchen beatbox, tango, cabaret, circus, radio noise”. Lauded by critics and fans alike, DVA are one of the most successful Czech bands to emerge in the last decade. Aside from music, they are also active in theatre whose features they have inadvertently transferred into the music as well.

Recently, they have been working on a soundtrack for a computer game called Botanicula which scooped two nominations – for best music and visuals – at the Independent Games Festival.

DVA are set to play at SXSW festival in Texas on 14 March, the acclaimed showcase and one of the most renowned catalysts of promising talent in the indie music world.

Published February 24, 2012.