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Eat more Burek

Published on December 21, 2011 22:17 Berlin Time

Eat more Burek Creative and forward thinking house productions became the mission for Croatian based DJ Pytzek when he established his own label Burek a little less than a year ago. The first Burek release – Kink‘s Leko/Yako EP – was a huge success capturing the hearts and minds of artists such as Ben Watt, Soul Clap, Erol Alkan and MCDE. Announced through the label’s Soundcloud channel Burek’s upcoming releases have already been picked up by Sascha Koesch and Philip Sherburne and of course by Electronic Beats.

Humandrone‘s self-titled 4-track EP will be out at the end of January while a third release is going to introduce a new guy called Vadagor to the label catalogue in March. Vadagor by the way seems to be the moniker of Vakula but that’s just something we’ve heard…