EB Exclusive: Take it ‘Slowine’ with Schlachthofbronx

EB Exclusive: Take it 'Slowine' with Schlachthofbronx Munich strikes back! Southern Germany’s metropolis of the hearts sees the return of bass outfit Schlachthofbronx who will be releasing their second album Dirty Dancing on Disko B on March 30th. The first single is out today, bringing you their fresh cuts ‘Slowine’ and ‘Dickie Riddim’, the latter being a collaboration with dancehall’s & dub’s finest singer Warrior Queen!

Electronic Beats is proud to present the free download of a-side track ‘Slowine’, a rough, bass heavy beast of a tune with hypnotic slow rhythm progression. You can possibly imagine our heads nodding alongside this track as you’re grabbing the free download from the player below.