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EB favourite of the day!

EB favourite of the day!

There’s a rumor going around that social networks are the future of the internet. This might well be true, and if we all look aT our online habits, we probably spend the most time on updating and checking our Facebook! On the other hand the EB editorial staff believes in the idea of a well edited music platform which is why we offer you as well as the SlicesDVD and our print magazine.

However you can of course find us on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Issuu, and as we know that habits are a-changin’, we’re going to bringing you exclusive news updates, features and a whole lot of new music to your social network of choice.

From today we’re introducing an exclusive new feature for all our followers on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud: the »EB favourite of the day«. Every day at noon you’ll be notified of the latest musical suggestion from the Electronic Beats editorial staff delivered on the nifty SoundCloud player. As a producer you can also send us your own songs or productions via our SoundCloud Dropbox – and if we like them, we will share them with our fans and readers!

The »EB favourite of the day« won’t be displayed on – so make sure to follow us via Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud. And let us know what you think of the music that is rocking the EB office soundsystem.

Published April 20, 2011.