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EB Listening: Nomenklatür - Fascinated by The Chaos

Published on January 6, 2012 11:16 Berlin Time

EB Listening: Nomenklatür - Fascinated by The Chaos Time for some magnifique french techno! Today we’re happy to present the exclusive EB-Listening of Nomenklatür‘s upcoming album called Fascinated by The Chaos. It’s the follow-up to their acclaimed debut album Gift Of Ages which came out two years ago via Space Factory. With their sophomore album the Paris-based duo, which consists of Olivier Rossi and Olivier Brucker, serve up a much needed dose of fresh techno. Some may call it new-wave techno, Bladerunner-style electro or simply EBM. Its half-analogue and half-digital and sounds like une bombe. The album is out February 8th via Module but right now you can enjoy the full album stream below: