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We here at the EB office are in a kind of comfortable position: writing articles for our great website, scanning the internet for news and fresh content for your reading, listening and viewing pleasures as well as hanging around on Facebook and Twitter – since these are the real news sources of our time, right?! Some of you might not be that lucky. Raise the curtain for ‘Excellbook‘, a new app for desktop computers that sneaks into Facebook-unfriendly office surroundings in Excel-camouflage-mode.

Denim tailor Diesel makes this new app available within its current ‘Be stupid’ campaign – and the result is really impressive. Once downloaded to your Mac or PC and connected to Facebook, ‘Excellbook’ looks and feels like a regular spreadsheet – columns, rows, values and tabs all included (check out the video below for a preview). You can update your timeline, check out your friend’s activity, like and comment on new posts and even chat with all the people that should be being productive at work themselves.

Here’s the legal disclaimer: of course ‘Excellbook’ won’t prevent you from a disciplinary warning letter from your boss in case you’re being caught in the act or your company’s using IP-filters. But it’s a more fun and entertaining way than always peeking over your shoulder, checking if the boss is around when posting how boring work is again today.

Published June 17, 2011.