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Fat And Ugly: Over sweatshirt sex

Published on December 20, 2011 14:44 Berlin Time

Fat And Ugly: Over sweatshirt sex What better way to spend the blissfully lazy days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve than wrapped in a comfy sweatshirt or jacket? Even better, one with simple yet subtly edgy design by an underground fashion brand! Fat And Ugly, the new Prague fashion label, caters for an urban clientele: the music-obsessed, party-loving crowd.

Their pieces, in black, blue or beige (as seen in their 2011 Realtalk Collection) often come in ultra-limited editions – meaning one piece per design, so no chances of the ultimate fashion faux pas of bumping into someone dressed in your quirky “insert any fashion chain brand” apparel. Pieces from Fat And Ugly can be bought online or in Prague at the Kuráž Shop in Benediktská 7, Prague 1.