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Ferraro = Bebetune$ = Bodyguard

Ferraro = Bebetune$ = Bodyguard Not too long ago we shared news with you that the crafter of what we call noiseless noise music, James Ferraro dropped a surprising hip hop-inspired mixtape under his new moniker of bebetune$. Now he’s ready to unveil his next mixtape Silica Gel under his third alias Bodyguard, and is already sharing some (downloadable) edits of the mix called ‘Skyline / Reptile Online’ below. For all our readers who are in B e r l i n these days, take your chance and check Ferraros’ CTM dates: tomorrow there’s a talk with him and Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) at the HAU, and on Friday night we’re looking forward to his live set over at the Berghain Kantine. Hope to see you there!

Published February 01, 2012.