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Films, fun and emo-klezmer

Films, fun and emo-klezmer FAMU/Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the best European film school (according to Hollywood Reporter), is 65 years old. Despite its venerable age, the institution still continues to produce interesting alumni, and the undergrads don’t stay behind either. Graffitiger by Libor Pixa scooped an Oscar nomination at the Student Academy Awards while Cagey Tigers by the mysterious Aramisova was screened at Cannes.

The best way to spot a talent or a flop, to see what actually is happening at the school right now in terms of documentaries, feature films, animations, etc is at the annual student film festival FamuFest. Renowened for buoyant parties and accompanied by a diverse musical programme, this year the fest includes gigs by Austrian freaks Fuckhead, Berlin’s Puppetmasta Candie Hank and the cream of the crop of local talent including witch housers Tempelhof, electro decadents I Love 69 Popgeju, house live act Popper-C, Bonus – whom we interviewed recently – or the emo-klezmer slash 8-bit krautrock To žluté, co máte na kalhotkách (which I’d rather not translate here, ahem).

The three-day audiovisual extravaganza starts on Friday 25 and continues until 27 November on Sunday.

tempelhof by TEMPELHOF

Published November 24, 2011.