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Forest Swords and Maria Minerva make music for X-Rays

Published on August 25, 2011 12:02 Berlin Time

Forest Swords and Maria Minerva make music for X-Rays Abandon Normal Devices is a festival that takes place in the UK over several weeks and in multiple locations, beginning this month. Described as “a call to arms inviting anarchists of the imagination to propose striking perspectives on technological, physical and social normality” the event takes in exhibitions, workshops, performances and more. One of the most intriguing projects involved two EB favourites, Maria Minerva and Forest Swords who are both creating music that will be transferred onto X-Rays – a technique used in former Soviet countries to trade in illicit recordings of Western music. Due to the fragile nature of the format the recordings will only be heard once at the Spectres of Spectacle event which will also feature Victoria Gray and Anat Ben David.

“Experience deliberatley fogged audio montage and textual interferance – a complex response to degraded ideals of the present day, combining lo-fi and disco with a deeply experimental art practice.”

More information available here – if you are in the UK we strongly recommend you check this out.