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Forteba is back with Stereoform

Published on February 20, 2012 15:26 Berlin Time

Forteba is back with Stereoform Back in September last year house producer Krisztián Dobrocsi aka Forteba talked to us about new directions beyond house music he has turned into. He had some side-projects with an alterego for exploring new ways in lounge music in the recent years and now he’s back to the club sounds with a new album under his Forteba moniker.

Three years after his latest release Stereoform is his third output on Plastic City. We also loved the first two albums, Space Between Us and For Some Time Past, and he didn’t disappoint with his 12 tracks of fresh sound brightening the borders of what he was always talented in.

Forteba’s Stereoform is out now on Plastic City, listen to the preview here.