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Gatto Fritto prepares debut

Published on February 24, 2011 15:02 Berlin Time
Gatto Fritto prepares debut

Gatto Fritto will release his debut album through International Feel this April. Gatto Fritto is the alias of Ben Williams who has bubbled on the periphery of a number of scenes over the last few years. He was involved with Dissident from the beginning and has remixed both Subway and Franz Ferdinand.

Though championed by the Balearic camp, Gatto Fritto’s sound is lot more involved than beach music – compositions that are rich with deep emotion, electronic trickery and killer melodies are the order of the day – His Hex 12" is a long term favourite of Electronic Beats.

This self-titled album will also mark the the first album for International Feel – the Uruguay based label have carved quite a name for themselves over the last couple of years with laid back releases from the likes of DJ Harvey and The Hands of Love.


1. The Curse

2. Hex

3. Grinding Of The Brakes

4. Solar Flares Burn For You

5. Lucifer Morning Star

6. Invisible College

7. My Etheric Body

8. Beachy Head

International Feel will release Gatto Fritto on 18th April 2011