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Hana Frišonsová and the art of fashion

Published on August 24, 2011 11:25 Berlin Time

Hana Frišonsová and the art of fashion How did you start with fashion?

I studied Textile and Fashion design at the Technical University in Liberec. After the studies I started to cooperate with one company that supported me, which was very helpful for my progress.

Can you describe the philosophy behind your label SUUS / Hana Frišonsová?

I work spontaneously. I don’t perceive the concrete philosophy of my work yet – it’s more about the reaction to a situation and my mood. At the moment I’m fascinated by science fiction, phobias and sexuality.

Can you explain your creative process. How do you work, how is something – a collection, new design – born?

The design itself is based on many curious experiences. It‘s hard to say what exactly I want to do – because not all good ideas can be used in one collection. But after the selection of inspirations it begins to make sense to me – I start to see the complete line and concept of a new project and I can think about the realization. It’s a very organic process – how are the fashion, atmosphere of the concept, technological process and the final product changing.

Your visual aesthetics are dark, with heavy use of monochrome, face masks, leather, etc which is very different to other Czech designers, who use a lot of colour (sometimes too much)…

Maybe I will make a very colourful collection once too ,) I like colours – it’s just about how you want to use them. I was more focused on the form and construction. The current trends still don’t get here to the full extent and at the right time. Many people are not so interested in what’s world got to offer. You can see many “alternative” labels without strong concepts and high-quality. I think the scene here is too conservative or kitschy – fortunately it’s not all so black and white.

You have won the Erste Bank Fashion Award. What does it mean to you and what were your impressions of other designers in the competition who represent Central and Eastern European young fashion design? Is there something they have in common?

It was one of the Austria’s Fashion Awards given during a very interesting Festival for Fashion and Photography in Vienna. It wasn’t a traditional competition. This prize is based on an extended online research from these countries. So I really didn’t meet other designers from who I was chosen… Winning the award means that I will get some money for my new collection. Also I met a couple of nice people there so I’m looking forward to the future collaborations and next years of this festival.

What are you working on at the moment?

I work on two projects – first my new collection and second my leather jewellery. I would like focus on the new structures by using traditional techniques. The leather project is more about revolt and provocation but not in a cheap way. I like the hard manufacturing process with a hammer. I’m wearing pieces of this project almost every day.

What about your future plans with the label?

Find a way how to work, travel and create all at the same time!

Where can people see & buy your stuff?

Everything is online on my website and blog.