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Happy Birthday Aquarius

Happy Birthday Aquarius One of the rare long running party venues in Croatia’s capital – Aquarius – is turning 20 this weekend. Aquarius which opened in 1992 soon became one of the musical institutions in Zagreb, opening it’s doors not only to electronic music fans, but also hip hop, r&b and other well loved scenes in the area.

“I’m really proud of being one of the DJ’s playing at the grand opening 20 years ago“, Damir Bošnjak who is now a retired DJ / IT specialist who played in Aquarius as part of the (no longer existing ) DJ pool crew told Electronic Bears. “The club was crowded that night giving us all the sign that something of great significance is happening at the moment. Its stayed crowded ever since“. Aquarius has always been here to educate young people on terms of good music. During these 20 years it has pushed many boundaries and has helped shaping croatian club scene. “The mission has stayed the same from the beginning, to keep people smiling and dancing“, explains Martina Boroši?, one of today’s club resident DJ’s. “It’s my second home on lake Jarun, where I’ve enjoyed working for more than three years now. All the club personnel are beautiful people, all fun and helpful, so I find myself very lucky working in such a professional environment known for the best sound in Croatia and very successful parties“.

Aquarius begins it’s birthday celebration today, and the party won’t stop until Sunday including DJ crews including Kontrapunkt, Confusion, Stereo Studio and many more.

Published January 19, 2012.