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Headshotboyz gets you into the glitch mood

Headshotboyz gets you into the glitch mood Headshotboyz have always been a step ahead in the Budapest electronic music scene, with a refreshing, progressive approach. They first came to our attention when they were emerging with trial and errors of the new born fidget-house back in 2007-2008. And now we also should keep an eye on them because of the ‘post’ labeled fusion in their mood driven works: amongst others, glitch-hop and wonky touch. Kristof Ambrozy and Lajos Nadhazi, after DubNoir, Top Billin and Dandy Kid releases, and a bunch of free, but still arguably pro, tracks now have an undisclosed future concept. In this conversation you can find some meaningful clues and find out what’s on their minds.

How did your musical evolution happen?

At the beginning of the ‘00s we had started with drum and bass, then we slowed down to breakbeat and later on to 4/4 patterns. That was the time when we started the Headshotboyz project in 2007, with electro/blog-house and then fidget house, Balkan-house and deep-tech music. Actually now we are fed up with all rhythm or speed restrictions, so we have become as we are.

Which was your first release and how do you remember it?
Our first release was at the New Yorker Crux Records in 2008. At that time fidget-house was in it’s early ages, and also Headshotboyz, had been writing music only for one year. So we were totally mad, it was unbelievable. The parties were also amazing at that time, so we just loved the year 2007 and 2008, everything was fresh and intense.

Which was the next turning point, the next important release?

We can mention from our clean house period, our Balkan EP from 2010. Riva Starr helped us a lot with playing these songs several times. Unfortunately the attention came very late, when we already had turned towards other sounds.

Your latest track is Maketa. Can you mention any complex concept, or you’re still thinking about separate songs as you did with your latest tracks?

Yeah, we have a secret concept, but we are waiting now for clarifying our thoughts.

Why do you just share these tracks on the internet for free? You should wait for contracts, don’t you?
We have like 7 or 8 tracks which we keep hidden. We’re going release 4 of them on a forthcoming EP at a German label being very dear to us, and the others are not on the internet. Despite, three months ago we decided that we wouldn’t store the finished tracks any more. So now we just share most of our new tracks on Soundcloud. Our goal is to enjoy the tracks with the listeners when it’s fresh and not waiting for a year and than playing them with bored faces on stage.

Do you have good feelings about the free Mad Hop compilation?
About a year ago our friend Polyklinik mentioned something about a Polish guy from China, who was collecting tracks for his Mad Hop compilations. I would say that it was worth to give away some of our productions for free for volume two and three, because of the great audience data. And this guy is still very enthusiastic and keeps sending us promo, and stickers or badges too.

Which was your favorite label so far?
Each has its own advantages, I don’t want to rate them. Of course in a way I prefer the local labels, like Chi Recordings, because we can meet for a drink regularly.

Can you mention any similar acts in Hungary from your genre?
Genre is a very broad term. We’re playing a special mixture of post-genres, so we only have a characteristic mood instead of genre. Because of this specific approach, it would be a hard task to compare.

I understand, but what about on international level?
Our heart is pulling the Los Angeles scene, and the Berlin-based Project: Mooncircle also. And with it our tongue just tripped…!

Headshotboyz – Nightmare On Elf Street by headshotboyz

Headshotboyz – Mighty Spookfish by headshotboyz

Headshotboyz – In Hostel (mad-hop vol.2) by headshotboyz

Published November 25, 2011.