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Here and now – cross-cultural stories

Here and now - cross-cultural stories Printa, which houses a concept shop, gallery, silkscreen studio and a café, is one of Budapest’s most hyped places at the moment. It currently features a collective exhibition of seven artists from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Titled “Here and Now” the show visualizes a unique and witty approach to the term cultural location and integration. “Identity”, “globalization”, “the notion of home”: these are the key words through which the artists reveal their personal stories on silkscreen, in illustration, and through interactive multimedia formats.

Be prepared for some interactive activities such as a Paprika-themed boardgame based around Hungarian gastronomy culture, and a DIY childrens book featuring the story of a German midget and a pig. Also on display is a selection of the cliché souvenir slogan mugs and a collection of passports piled up, showing the multiple nationalities and identities of the artists. A glimpse of the latest exhibiton at Printa reveals the playful expressive ways of dealing with cross-cultural issues – a phenomenon of our time that everyone faces and deals with in his or her own way. You can drop by until the 2nd, October.

(Name: birth place, year / other places lived // current living in:)
Panni Bodonyi: Miskolc (HU) 1987 / London / Paris // Budapest
Lehel Kovács: Kolozsvár (Cluj,RO) 1981 // Budapest
Judit Navratil: Szombathely (HU), 1982, Seoul/ /Vancouver// Budapest
Ono Yumiko: Kobe (JP) 1982 / Kyoto / Budapest // Prague
Lena Schrieb: Stuttgart (DE) 1984 / Markgroeningen / Dresden / Offenbach am Main / Essenheim // Leipzig
Teresa Szepes: Berlin (DE) 1981, Galway/Leipzig// Budapest
Zsófia Szemz?: Budapest (HU) 1982 / Washington / Paris // Budapest

Published September 01, 2011.