High Places to release third album

High Places to release third album Maybe we’re in the minority here, but we really enjoyed High Places‘ sophmore LP Vs. Mankind. It might have lacked the psychedelic layering of previous work, but it was fun in its own dark, heavy way. Now the duo, who moved to LA from NYC in 2009, are releasing their third album. Original Colors is set to drop October 11th via Thrill Jockey, and is reportedly inspired by “Australia’s inimitable foliage, the expansive desert of Northern Mexico, and the crystal, blue waters of the Indian Ocean.” Sounds like the trippy, opti-mystical rhythms could be making a return. Check the tracklist below; we can’t wait for this one!

01. Year Off
02. The Pull
03. Sonora
04. Ahead Stop
05. Sophia
06. Dry Lake
07. Morning Ritual
08. Banksia
09. Twenty Seve
10. Altos Lugares