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How To Dress Well goes orchestral on new EP ‘Just Once’

How To Dress Well goes orchestral on new EP 'Just Once' The ground-breaking emergence of one of 2010’s finest How To Dress Well, aka Tom Krell, and his very well received EP, (a homage to his recently deceased best friend) Love Remains, brought with it a new sound…layers of powerful yet dulcet whispers that appear to be coming from another room, with a certain unfinished quality. Now throw in an entire orchestra and one can just imagine how haunting the new release from HTDW, Just Once, is going to be. The orchestral versions of three existing tracks from the aforementioned debut EP and a brand spanking new one, Suicde Dream 3, are characterized by their much more incredible intensity that intertwines with the already existing eeriness. On top of all that, every hard copy of the limited edition vinyl comes with a hand-written letter from Krell himself, only adding to the mystery surrounding HTDW that Krell has conjured. With the promise that $1 from every copy purchased is donated to to benefit those with Mental Health Issues, this new release acts as further commentary on the tragic loss of his friend two years ago – and the ghostly tones illustrate this perfectly.

Published July 18, 2011.