I love 69 popgeju embrace art pop-punk

I love 69 popgeju embrace art pop-punk Interestingly, the more recent music development in the Czech Republic is to a large extent dictated by art students and artists who similarly to their many forebearers in the history of music – eg. the whole art punk movement of the mid Seventies – conceptualize music and enrich it with elements from their artistic expressions. There have been several examples of this cross-pollination in the last decade here: the whole Prague-based AM180 Collective, whose activities encompass concerts, the festival Creepy Teepee or the AMDISCS label, is spearheaded by the brother-sister duo painters Jakub and Anežka Hošek. Another buoyant art/music scene has been brewing in the east of the country, in the gloomy industrial town Ostrava. Czech Republic‘s Sheffield has been conducive to the arts, spawning a fledgling generation of idiosyncratic artists. Bands such as the now dormant Like She or I Love 69 Popgeju are composed of graduates of the local art academy. The latter is renowned for its bold visual aesthetics and deranged appearances. Their warmly received album Let’s Gold Corridor Is out now.

Let’s Gold Corridor by I LOVE 69 POPGEJU