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Interview: Lunice “Sonar was really the epic moment”

Interview: Lunice “Sonar was really the epic moment” Budapest’s Space Is Called parties always provide quality sounds from distinctive, up and coming beatmakers on the A38 ship upon the river Danube. Last time’s headliner Lunice from Glasgow’s Lucky Me imprint was fascinated by the glitch-hop, dub-step orientated sets local DJ Cadik. After he played, Lunice presented a live set that ended up as a massive break dance performance, starring a crew of dancers. Before the gig he told the story of how his tracks first got noticed and spoke enthusiastically about the present and the future after such releases as Stacker Upper in 2010 or more recently the One Hunned EP.

Can we say that Sonar Festival 2010 was a big turning point in your career?
Yeah definitely, that was a turning point. It was the first time ever for me playing in front of such a huge crowd. Sonar was really the epic moment.

This is why the Lucky Me guys turned their attention to you?
No, actually I met them a while ago. It all happened when I just came across their Myspace page. Around that time I was trying to find my sounds. And what I heard there I thought was, wow, so great. I’m influenced by those guys a lot and that’s why I showed my tracks to them. The Lucky Me guys are really shaped what I am now.

How did you meet for the first time?
Eventually I did some parties with friends, and we were such a great fans of Lucky Me Crew once we brought The Blessings, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. And it was like THE night of my life. That’s how we met face to face. We used to talk online or whatever, but when we met face to face we became friends. And ever since then we’ve stayed connected. We always ended up playing in the same bill, wherever in the world, for example in San Francisco or London. And just one day they hit me like “hey man, would you like to do a track one day?” and me “yeah, sure”. It was like the biggest thing ever.

Beyond the gigs, have you jammed together?
We don’t really have time to sit down in the studio and just jam. So mostly we only do shows together. But just recently, when we already knew each other so much, there were a couple of times when we chilled in the studio, jamming, and playing with the instruments.

As a Canadian, have you noticed any different attitudes at European label scomparing to local labels in your country?
Yes, it is very different, in terms of music and then it goes from there. A lot of them influenced me because they are so different, in spite of the similarities. I like to bridge them together. That’s why I play a lot in Europe, because I feel closer to this kind of attitude than the Northern-America’s. For example the market itself is a lot better. Here, many people have the same kind of ideas.

And in your opinion why do people think that your music is forward thinking?
Oh, I don’t know. That’s a good question. How people think, I’m not forward thinking at all. In my definition, forward thinking is just somebody who’s always into new stuffs and open into different styles, rhythm, different everything. Like I always look at everything, even non music related arts. Anything from architectural buildings, to cars and whatever I find interesting and unique as a visual inspiration source.

Which genre tags could you match with your tracks?
I always present my music as rap music. At the moment it’s been really about commercial rap, in terms of entertainment, and because it is big and epic. And we can add to it the drums from juke music, which is so crazy. And we can also mention UK bass, you know, with chopped samples and stuff like that.

Which would you choose, a radio show or a live gig to present a new track?
Live gig. It is just right there and happens, and people talk about it. If you play at a venue it’s a lot more selective, nightly presented and not as open as a radio.

And what about a Boiler Room show, which is a radio and online video gig also?
Of course it was amazing! I was so fortunate to play that legendary station. Thanks you guys, if you read this.

Do you have a dream venue?
I don’t know. Next week I’m playing at the London Eye, which is huge, and it wasn’t a part of my dream, it’s just happening.

Things are getting fast around you?
Pretty fast, yeah… But I try to keep the consistency.

Are there any new releases in the pipeline?
Yes, there is, but I can’t talk about it right now, but I’m working on something, also at Lucky Me.

Published October 14, 2011.