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Introducing Py

Published on August 2, 2011 12:42 Berlin Time

Introducing Py As we listen to Throwing Snow‘s brand-new EP Wallow, we can’t help but to do just that. However, it’s the dreamy tones that resonate from avant-garde lyricist Py, London-based Jade Pybus, that really steal the show. Her debut, which comes in the form of this 4-track collaboration with Throwing Snow, aka label manager Ross Tones of No Future Without, manages to pack a powerful punch while maintaining that smooth fluctuation in volume and pressure that runs as a common thread throughout.

Although the title-track Wallow, which is subject to various remixes by the likes of Lapalux, PhOtOmachine, and Raffertie; is a beautiful example of Py’s range of gorgeous sweeping vocals – it’s in Nettles & Gangs that Py really casts a spell. The enchanting quality of her voice emanates effortless cool with an almost childlike ease as she dips over and under the beat, harmonizing with distorted versions of herself.

All four tracks manage to elegantly marry Py’s dulcet tones with the foundations laid by Throwing Snow – somewhere between house, dubstep and downtempo. The remixes, however, don’t particularly impact as highly or add anything to the EP – but this only further testifies to the strength of the original tracks. The results of this partnership were launched yesterday on iTunes and are available for download now…prepare to be mesmerized.