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Introducing Snortex

Introducing Snortex

Snoretex is the brainchild of Sam Willis – one half of Walls and one half of cult blog Allez Allez. As Snoretex he has released just a clutch of singles but his dreamy multi-layered soundscapes are infused with atmospheres and textures that touch the cornerstones of all that is wistful with unique, timeless quality.

A remix request from Ben Watt for a Tracey Thorn track led to Watt’s cult house label Buzzin’ Fly releasing his latest effort the sublime ‘Strange Aeons’ – a left turn in to gentler, alternative climes for the London based house label.

With the music Sam makes as Snoretex being a daily enjoyment of mine for some time now, I had to find out some more.

Hey Sam – firstly tell me how did Snortex start?

Coming off the back of the Walls album I felt really inspired to start a new project. I think writing the album with Alessio (Natalizia) really helped crystallise in my head what I wanted to do musically – I feel that my sound is a lot more honed in.

How is it different to your other project Walls?

The key difference really is that it’s just 100% me. When I do Walls stuff with Alessio, it really is 50/50 – we bring our own tastes and personalities to the table and that’s why it sounds like it does…It’s nice in a way to be in total control, but at the same time it’s a much easier process collaborating as if one of you can only take an idea so far, the other can come in and pick up the baton.

What are you trying to say that’s different, musically with Snoretex?

I think just to be true to my sense of melody, atmosphere and texture. I find the endless possibilities when embarking on writing a new track a really exciting experience.

What is the inspiration behind the Snoretex sound?

I never really write music consciously. For better or for worse, it’s kind of like day dreaming for me – I’ve always been drawn to an uplifting but melancholic sound and I find it best to leave these things open ended as it allows the listener to bring their own interpretation to what they’re hearing.

How did the hook up with Buzzin’ Fly come about?- a lot of Snoretex stuff is not very clubby (but its very lovely!)

Ben Watt approached us to do a Walls remix for Tracey Thorn which we absolutely loved working on. She has an incredible voice and it was really inspiring to work with – we came up with something which after the fact perhaps has shades of early Massive Attack? Anyway both Tracey and Ben liked it, and I’ve just kept in touch with him since then really. He got back to me quite quickly when I sent him ‘Strange Aeons’ and asked if I’d be interested in releasing it on Buzzin’ Fly.

How do you approach recording as Snoretex? The sound is very textural

I definitely can’t help but add lots of layers, much as with the Walls stuff – I’d agree that I have an obsession with texture. I guess it’s an attempt to try and give the music a physicality and grounding in reality – I use a fair amount of analogue hardware as part of the process, but adding in some pitch bend and vinyl crackle always help to warm things up even more!

Do you have plans for an album?

I’d definitely like to – I have numerous sketches that I need to finish up. I definitely feel like my sound is perhaps more orientated to the album form, rather than the single, but we’ll see. I’m working on some more up-tempo bits and pieces also, so don’t be surprised to hear some heavier sounding stuff down the line!

Are you performing live?

Yes, it’s really fun, to essentially jam on stage. It’s frustrating not to be able to bring all of my equipment with me, but I make do!

How is your blog Allez Allez going?

Great! Steve and I now do a regular podcast for in addition to our regular weekly one from allez-allez Steve’s also working on his own original music, so watch this space for more news on that!

What’s your favourite record this week?

It’s pretty much always Pop by Gas – an ambient techno album by Kompakt founder Wolfgang Voigt under his Gas alias. I’ve actually just performed a Walls solo ambient show with him (+ Jorg Burger and The Field) last Sunday as part of Ether Festival which is pretty damn exciting!

And finally. What’s the best seven inch you own?

Probably my Soft Machine ‘Soft Space’ 7". It’s kind of obscure for them – basically a long cosmic arpeggiated synth jam that’s so long they had to split into two parts!

Strange Aeons is available now on Buzzin’ Fly. You can check out Sam’s Soundcloud with lots of free stuff to download here.

Published April 07, 2011.