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JAMBOX™ – The Boombox reinvented

Published on November 22, 2011 13:00 Berlin Time

JAMBOX™ – The Boombox reinvented It’s not easy to listen to music when you’re not in front of your home stereo system. Sure, good headphones do the job, but music is often social. We listen to good music together with good friends, and we don’t want this experience to be ruined by bad sound from smartphone and laptop speakers.

Wireless speaker systems usually lack a certain feature: either they’re running low on battery very fast, or they’re not mobile friendly, have a terrible sound, or they are badly designed. Entrée JAMBOX by Jawbone, a new, ultra-portable, great looking wireless and intelligent speaker and speakerphone.

Setup was dead-simple: After an intitial power up via computer and micro USB cable, JAMBOX was ready to go in service. Pairing the JAMBOX and connecting it to a MacBook and an Android Smartphone took less than 10 seconds via Bluetooth, although we could have also used the 3.5mm stereo jack for audio output. If you aren’t too much into cables, you can connect your JAMBOX to pretty much any Bluetooth device within a 10 meter range.

The sound output was brilliant: with 85dB at a 60Hz to 20kHz frequency, JAMBOX can be a loud and quiet player just at the same time – Robag Wruhme’s ‘Donnerkuppel’ had just the same amount of bass and clarity as Zomby’s ‘Black Orchid’.

The great thing about JAMBOX is its nearly endless possibilities in terms of expandability: use it as a boombox for your music, or make conference calls via your mobile phones, Skype, iChat – you name it. Also, JAMBOX is smart: with its ‘MyTALK‘ platform, JAMBOX can be extended with apps for YouTube, Pandora, Last.FM, Spotify and many other services.

Last, but definitely not least: let’s talk design! Although JAMBOX is portable and ready to go pretty much all your favourite places from great outdoors to the living room, its feel is nothing close to cheap. Weighing 347 grams, JAMBOX has just the right weight to stand boldly on the table or the grass. With a minimalist, rectangular shape, different colours from red to blue and grey and design patterns from diamond to hex, JAMBOX also just looks great.

One more thing: battery! 10 hours of continuous play – that’s quite something!

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