James Pants readies new album

James Pants readies new album

Stones Throw have announced the third album from James Pants will be on its way in mid April.

The follow up to 2008?s Welcome and 2009?s Seven Seals, will apparently be a further exploration of sounds which he began exploring on Seven Seals. Whilst Welcome was full on boogie jam for Pants’ debut, his sophomore album was far more experimental, exploring minimal wave, post-punk and psychedelic whilst referencing figures such as Bobby Beausoleil and Bruce Haack. Both albums were musically impressive and definitely marked the arrival of an interesting talent.

The new, self-titled record (working title: Love Kraft) is musical a progression from Seven Seals, apparently it was partly inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and will contain “more noise and wailing guitars” than the last album.

We look forward to hearing James Pants’ latest work.

Stones Throw have made the track ‘Alone’ available to download here for free.


1. Beta
2. Every Night I Dream
3. Clouds Over The Pacific
4. A Little Bit Closer
5. Strange Girl
6. Screams Of Passion
7. Incantation
8. Kathleen
9. Body On Elevator
10. Darlin’
11. Alone
12. These Girls
13. Dreamboat
14. Epilogue