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Jeans Team ask you to pose in your 'Bomberjäeckchen'

Published on November 18, 2011 11:57 Berlin Time

Jeans Team ask you to pose in your 'Bomberjäeckchen' Jeans Team, the berlin-based electronic outfit, has been creating music since 1995. Their unique sound combines elements of dance music with complex pop-structures, using few (mostly German) lyrics. Jeans Team’s two founding members, Franz Schütte and Reimo Herfort, were also co-founders of the legendary Galerie Berlintokio – one of Berlin’s best underground clubs in the late 90s. Now they are working on their fourth studio album, which will be out next year. Some days ago, Jeans Team already released a first appetizer track, called ‘Bomberjäeckchen’ as a free download (see below). On top of this, Reimo and Franz launched a video contest via their facebook channel. We caught up with Jeans Team to ask them a few questions on the project:

Electronic Beats: In late 2009 you started collecting MA-1 bomber jackets (‘Bomberjacke’ in German) for homeless people in Berlin. Now your new single comes by the same name. What’s the deal with the Bomberjäckchen?
We like the bomber style! If you look at it, it is a real working class jacket. We live in Berlin where the winter is about half a year long! So we need warm clothes here. The bomber jacket protects you very well. It warms you and makes you feel like a muscle man at the same time. And they are cheap! That’s why we decided to give them to homeless people. There is hardly any jacked so warm and durable for that price. The idea for the song existed way before. Its a fashion song. A grotesque joke brought to an absolute limit. For us it’s the perfect introduction to show what Jeans Team is going to be like in the near future called ALKOMERZ.

What kind of video contest did you just launch via Youtube and Facebook?
For this free download single we wanted to have a video that is open and that can grow in some kind of exchange and participation of our audience. To make that very simple we decided to make a very plain slightshow for which people can send us their bomber jacket pictures. But original army bomber jackets – not blousons!!! Please!!! Everybody can participate! This is not for a specific group of people. Every two weeks we update the video with new pictures. We hope to have a very funny collection in the end. For the upcoming ‘Bomberjäeckchen’ remix by Marc Acardipane we are planning to make a streaking video. We call that “bomberjacking” which is basically streaking or mooning in bomberjackets. So get naked and streak through your local mall. Send us the clips and we will put them into our new video. Lets see if we can reach a nice collection there, too.

When will your new album see light – and how will it sound like?
Jeans Team is working 9 to 5 on the new album! We hope to release it in late spring 2012. There will be a crowdfunding campain starting in December. We hope to fund enough money to be able to release the record on our own label ALKOMERZ. Let’s see. Maybe we can get this out before the world collapses. Its going to be a party album – big fun!!

VIDEO CONTEST: send pictures/videos here: or post them to Jeans Team’s facebook wall.